3 Good Reasons to Host Interns


noun ˈɪntəːn/
1. a student or trainee who works, sometimes without pay, in order to gain work experience or satisfy requirements for a qualification.

To run a production company, especially as a start up, often means working more hours than humanly possible. I often ask others when was the last time they stayed up all night, and the answer is usually college. My answer is usually last week, and it was for work.

While taking an intern sounds like a nice way to get some help, it actually requires a lot of work from our end. It involves training someone who will probably not be here in the long run, taking time to invest in someone and give them advice, and then patiently watching them make all the mistakes you've made.

I often ask myself, why do we keep hosting interns?

The Fun (damentals) 

The Fun (damentals) 

We’ve worked in the video production business in Auckland for five years, and over that time we’ve taken on eight interns. That’s right, eight interns, but only three still work with us. If I were to add up the hours spent training them? Wow... countless. So again, why do it?


First reason: People matter.

This may sound simple or cliche, but in the long run, jobs or creative endeavors are always about people. When you care for people, you can expect to be cared for in turn. We love to pour into and guide our interns, but it’s always fun when they actually bless us with insight, a creative idea, a needed kind word, or future work! Investing in people has led to countless positive returns for us, and so, we keep taking interns.

Second reason: Passion.

We need reminding of why we do what we do! Interns are typically young, and youth is full of passion. If someone is willing to work for free - then they are doing it because they love the work.

In a world where work is all about what the company owes the employee, it is so REFRESHING to have someone present who wants to focus on learning and doing what they do - because they are excited about it. I can’t stress this enough - in every intern I see a piece of myself first starting out. Their presence is invigorating!

Third reason: The Fundamentals.

The Joy of the Intern!

The Joy of the Intern!

Like with every sport, trade, or craft, mastery is built upon the basics. If you always have an intern present - who you are constantly teaching the fundamentals of your craft to - you will remember them, incorporate them more into your work, and build off of them like every expert has done before. To teach is to learn.

Those are the top three reasons we host interns here at Dreams in Shadow. There are many more, and I have lifelong friendships with many of the Interns we’ve hosted. If you are one of these passionate people looking to get into video production or film please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Likewise, if you want a film made for your organization and want to support the intern development program we’re running, please contact us.

Bryan Lee Hudkins, Director Dreams in Shadow Ltd.